Lupifaro reeds are designed by Luca Cardinali, who has developed a unique shape throughout the years, interpreting the feedback of countless musicians and personally adjusting each production to the smallest detail.

Lupifaro Reeds are produced using the best raw material on the market: a particular bamboo cane called Arundo Donax, farmed exclusively in Southern France. The peculiar micro-climate of this region, in fact, gives the plant uncommon flexibility and a unique timbre to the finished reed.

The result is an extremely reliable and responsive reed of unparalleled performance, featuring the lowest discard rate on the market.

The Classic Line and the Jazz Line are different in structure and shape so as to give distinct timber responses, suitable for performers who enjoy a variety of musical genres.

The Classic line is for classical musicians, but some prefer to use them for Jazz as well. The Jazz line is for musicians who prefer modern sounds and jazz.

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For Alto, Tenor, Baritone & C-Melody Saxophones

Leave keys open to dry Prevent sticky pad rot

Award winning leaf-shape Key Leaves props open saxophone key pads G#, Eb and Low C# to air dry after you play.

They slide safely under the key arms of low Eb and C# without touching pad leather.

Because Low C# links with G#, all three of the stickiest pads are left open to dry clean and free from sticky pad rot.

"The Key Leaves are super easy to fit and hold the closed keys of the saxophone open with ease. Really useful to help keep your pads from sticking."

Laura Macdonald

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Key Leaves can be purchased from JazzViewsMusic

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